Logo cooperativa Banateana Timis

The Garden of Banat Cooperative (ongoing)

The Garden of Banat vegetable Cooperative is a young associative structure, founded at the end of 2019, which currently gathers 17 cooperative members from 6 communes located in the south of Timis County, Romania. The cooperative purchases the vegetables from its members and sells the produce mostly to local retailers and – occasionally – to other large distributors or to the end users. The cooperative cultivates onions, cucumbers, lettuce greens, tomatoes and a variety of other crops – eggplant, zucchini, peppers, pink tomatoes, cabbage.

With tailored support from Synerb and the Foundation for the Development of Agriculture, the The Garden of Banat vegetable Cooperative will be able to grow and become a best practice model for integrating the production of young farmers into an associative structure that sells the produce to large supply chains. Synerb currently provides institutional capacity building support, access to technical advisory services and flexible financing 

  • Developing the cooperative by providing direct support to the coop manager – technical assistance, mentoring
  • Flexible growth and development grant of  15.000 Euro
  • Financial analysis services 
  • Support with communication and branding
  • Support with marketing and commercial negotiations