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If you are a nonprofit implementing multiple grant-funded projects from various sources, in this this short-term advisory program we’ll guide you to set-up a sound financial control procedure for your organization. We’ll deploy in your organization an analysis and control tool created by Synerb for the nonprofit sector. 

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This procedure will give you a precise overview of the aggregate cashflows in your nonprofit. You’ll be furthermore able to 1) do frequent “budgeted vs. actual costs analysis” and 2) optimize the time spent on financial control activities by the finance staff. Ideally, all your team members with project management and financial reporting responsibilities should participate in the mentorship program. The participation of the financial manager and / or the executive director of the nonprofit is welcomed and encouraged.



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Executive Management

Executive directors and / or finance managers aiming for a more transparent and timely cashflow management in their NGOs that implement projects with grant capital from multiple sources.

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Finance staff

Financial reporting, management and control teams in NGOs.

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Project Managers

Project managers who are responsible with financial reporting or supervising the financial reporting process.




You do not have an effective tool for cashflow analysis and financial forecast.


You do not have an effective process to conduct a “budgeted vs. actual cost analysis”.


You do not have timely access to critical financial information without increasing the administrative costs and the pressure on your financial control staff.



How to implement an agile financial management procedure, optimizing the time that is invested in financial control.


To have an accurate overview on the aggregate organizational cashflow.


To make faster your cost and budget-related decisions, based on the information collected monthly with your cashflow analysis tool.



Cashflow analysis tool
During the first mentorship session, we will present the cashflow analysis tool and then we will guide all participants on how to effectively use it within their organization. The cashflow analysis tool is made up of three important elements: approved project budgets, a frame to monitor actual expenses and an aggregate cashflow structure.



Follow-up Q & A on setting up and working with the financial control procedure

When using the financial control procedure and the cashflow analysis tool, team members may have specific questions and challenges. The last two advisory sessions in this program are open sessions aimed at resolving each team member’s individual challenges through tailored guidance.



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Locations and language

Duration: one session of three hours, with a fixed agenda, followed by two sessions of maximum three hours/session, with a flexible agenda (a Q&A), within a time frame of maximum three months after the kick-off session, online.

Advisory language(s): English or Romanian.

Group size and planning

Here are some additional details:

The ideal group size for this workshop is 5 to 10 people.

All participants should work for the same organization.

Mentorship and advisory programs are scheduled at least 1 month in advance.



Sonia Oprean Synerb Venture Catalyzer Social Business Team

Sonia Oprean

Sonia manages the Synerb portfolio of social enterprises and visionary NGOs. She is in charge with developing our incubation tools and the organizational strategy to support our social enterprises.
Sonia  designed and implemented entrepreneurial education and mentorship programs for over 140 social entrepreneurs while being an active mentor in Financial Management, Human Resources, Fundraising, Social Impact, and Business Performance Management. She worked at NESsT as a portfolio manager and in India for Villgro Innovations Foundation, the oldest and most reputed social enterprise incubator in the country. Her professional experience includes 4 years with PwC Romania and one year in the Philippines, where she coordinated an international team in establishing a legal process outsourcing company. Sonia is a member of ACCA.

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