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This three-months long program is designed to develop and strengthen the financial analysis and management skills of social enterprise managers, so they can make better, evidence-based strategic business decisions. 

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We’ll start with the basics – understanding cost structures, pricing strategies, indirect costs allocation, break-even point calculation – then we’ll dive into the more complex world of financial statements and key financial indicators, focusing on discovering key business drivers and learning to conduct a thorough performance analysis of the social enterprise. Last but not least, we will learn, through examples and practice, how to build a realistic financial forecast. The program is designed as a one-on-one mentorship program suitable for social entrepreneurs or social entreprise managers with limited financial experience and junior finance staff in social enterprises.



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Social enterprise managers

Junior social entrepreneurs and social enterprise managers with limited experience in financial management.

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Finance staff

People working in the financial department of social enterprises or nonprofits with an economic activity, interested in building or consolidating a strategic view on finance.


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Entrepreneurial nonprofit leaders

Leaders of nonprofits with a revenue making arm who wish to improve their finance understanding and who aim to increase the performance of their economic activity. 




You have a limited experience in financial management.


If you’ve never done realistic financial projections for your social enterprise.


If you don’t know your key business drivers or you reached a point where you need to better understand your financial statements.



To analyse the cost structure of your products, to set a correct pricing strategy and to determine the breakeven point of your social enterprise.


To understand how your financial statements and the key financial indicators can reveal important operational information about your business.


Understand the performance of your product or service portfolio and key business drivers impacting your cost and revenue.


To incorporate various scenarios into financial projections.



Introduction and basic financial toolbox

The first mentorship session aims to build or consolidate your basic financial management skills and provide you with the essential knowledge. What is a cost structure? How to set a pricing strategy that will ensure the sustainability of the product portfolio? How to calculate the breakeven point when the business is selling more than just one product? How to allocate indirect costs to products? During our first session, we’ll aim to find an answer to all these critical questions 



Financial statements and main performance ratios

You will learn the secrets of your balance sheet and income statement. We’ll take a closer look at your Profit and Loss Statement and calculate a few important financial ratios. Additionally, we’ll look at the trial balance, as the input for the balance sheet and income statement, and we will go through the most important information about your cashflow.



Identifying key business drivers

You will learn to identify the key factors that impact the performance of your social enterprise by looking at your financial variations. These internal or external drivers, that can be grouped as costs, revenues or even investment drivers, can either support your growth or can significantly decrease your actual performance.



Financial projections

You will learn the basics of making realistic financial projections through a practical exercise.  You will learn how to use the best information available at the time of your planning – your past performance and expected market dynamics – and draft a number of scenarios. Plus, we’ll conduct together a sensitivity analysis.



Tailored consulting

The end of the mentorship program will be all about your business model. Whether you would like us to look at your past performance, product portfolio structure, cashflow or provide you with insights on your internal control processes, the last two sessions will be focused entirely on discussing, from a financial perspective,  your concerns and challenges with your business. 



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Locations and language

Duration: 9 sessions of 2 hours / session, delivered online, globally, over the course of maximum 3 months.

Mentoring language(s): English or Romanian.

Group size and planning

Here are some additional details:

This is an individual journey and not a team experience. If you are looking for a financial workshop for your team, please take a look at our financial management trainings section, under Learning Zone.

Planning and timing. Mentorship programs are scheduled at least 1 month in advance.


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Your journey

Before we start our mentorship program, we’ll make sure we understand your needs and your prior financial management experience. Therefore, we will ask you to fill out a needs assessment survey.

Also, make sure you have at hand your own financial statements.


 This mentorship program is more effective when we work together on the financial statements of your own enterprise – profit and loss statement and balance sheet – for the previous 2 years, and a revenue breakdown. Ideally, you’ll have these documents ready before the process starts.


Sonia Oprean Synerb Venture Catalyzer Social Business Team

Sonia Oprean

Sonia manages the Synerb portfolio of social enterprises and visionary NGOs. She is in charge with developing our incubation tools and the organizational strategy to support our social enterprises.
Sonia  designed and implemented entrepreneurial education and mentorship programs for over 140 social entrepreneurs while being an active mentor in Financial Management, Human Resources, Fundraising, Social Impact, and Business Performance Management. She worked at NESsT as a portfolio manager and in India for Villgro Innovations Foundation, the oldest and most reputed social enterprise incubator in the country. Her professional experience includes 4 years with PwC Romania and one year in the Philippines, where she coordinated an international team in establishing a legal process outsourcing company. Sonia is a member of ACCA.

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