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Țara Dornelor (ongoing)

Țara Dornelor is an organization committed to developing the ecoutourism in the heart of Bucovina region, Romania. The team works on creating and deploying a coherent marketing plan for the region, supports local ventures and created a network of stakeholders engaged in the growth of the local ecoutourism sector.  Crafts, nature, trails and local gastronomic experiences are among the core focus areas of the organization. 

  • Synerb provides blended technical and strategic incubation, consolidation and growth support on a number of entrepreneurial and organizational development areas.
  • In our work, we use a mix of 5 proven support packs to meet the specific needs of this organization: 1) Social Venture Ideation, 2) Financial Assessment, Modelling and Existing Business Growth, 3) Institutional Fundraising, 4) Strategic Replanning and 5) Rapid Operational Support.