We Wilder –
Developing Community
Enterprise Networks 

Designing micro-economies where nature is both the inspiration and the client

The goal of this programme is to design and create effective, scalable Community Enterprise Networks that can respond to some of the environmental and socio-economic problems in WWF’s biodiversity hotspots. We started our joint work in Armeniș – a commune in the Romanian Southwestern Carpathians in the Țarcu Mountains, an area with an invaluable natural ecosystem.  Armeniș is the site of WWF’s most complex conservation endeavour, the reintroduction of a lost, vulnerable species: the bison, the largest land mammal in Europe.

In order to reduce the environmental pressure, we will work as partners with these communities to increase their well-being, create economic solutions and sustainable wealth (green businesses, conservation enterprises, community enterprises), and co-design jobs or decent income alternatives in the community.

Activities Planned
  • Strategic: developing the first Romanian Community Enterprise Network that will build lasting solutions on three key development pillars: Environment,  Community, Economy & Entrepreneursip
  • Ongoing pilot: Drafting a sustainability plan for the We Wilder Campus, in order to enable the Campus itself to become an inclusive and lucrative opportunity for the community. The We Wilder Campus is a compound located in Sat Bătrân that promotes co-working and co-living experiences as a catalyst for sustainable development

  • Reducing local key threats on nature
  • Creating decent jobs and income opportunities in the community
  • Develop a healthy, thriving, confident, entrepreneurial community by catalyzing landscape driven investments and setting up recurring community and social enterprise incubation programs
  • Sustainability plan for the We Wilder Campus to determine the governance model,  run a market assessment, create the financial plan and basic operational procedures
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